1) Manuscripts are acknowledged, and we will keep you informed of the situation as we progress through the editorial stages and look thoroughly at your work.

2) Publishing contracts will only be sent to you once we are both agreed on common ground.

3) Each submission will be considered on its individual merits and will not be either rejected or accepted without following through carefully our strict but fair editorial guidelines. We publish in three categories:

* A contract with an advance from the publisher. Normally we allocate approximately 60% of our contracts in this way.
* Self publishing with our Company giving the enjoyment of all the benefits and expertise from us as your publishers. We find that approximately 20% of authors published by us choose this path to publication.
* A contract with some funding commitment from the author to help with the production costs of the book. For this, around 20% of our authors are published in this way.

An Important Final Piece of Information

We are sure that you, as authors, will agree that confidentiality is of a high priority. In our dealings with each author we always ensure that the utmost care is taken in this respect. It is therefore our policy never to divulge how our authors have published with us. This information always remains within the publishers domain only. We therefore, as a result of this policy, publish all our books under the one single imprint.
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